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  • Hugo Noel
  • November 22, 1995

Winner of The Gold Medal at the Golden Circus Festival in Rome

Presented by the famous Liana Orfei, the Golden Circus Festival is the International circus festival of Rome. It is a show that presents both modern and traditional circus. For it’s 25th edition, a mix of many prestigious acts from around the world were present to entertain the Romans during 9 days of shows on the last weeks of November. At the end of the show, the televised gala was presented and Hugo was once again awarded the Gold Medal for his Roue Cyr performance.

Looks like it wasn’t luck the first time! Presenting his unique and different act, Hugo touched the feelings of the audience and the jury with his ease and control of the Roue Cyr. Many commented that the energy and fluidity, combined with the emotions that Hugo brings into his act is what makes all the difference and is what took him to the top, for a second time this year. Proving his ability to charm all types of audience and competing against artists of all ages, this other recognition of his work is yet another step stone in the circus world. Many thanks again to everyone who help him progress all the way to where he is now.


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