• Hugo Noel
  • November 23, 2010

Winner of The Bronze Medal at the 12th Wuqiao International Circus Festival of China

One of the most prestigious festival in the world, this festival his high caliber. Presented every 2 years in November, acts really from all around the world are invited to come and present their acts, representing their respective countries. On this edition, Hugo Noel and Dominique Lacasse where the 2 acts representing Canada. This festival features incredible acts from China, Korea, France, Germany, Canada, Cuba, Australia, South Africa, Switzerland, USA, Armenia, Lativia and more. This competition was bringing acts that participated and also medallist at other prestigious festivals like Paris Cirque de Demain and Monte-Carlo. 5 shows are presented on a 10 days period, and an international jury selection decides of the medallists. Very high in acrobatics, this festival is quite intimidating. But, once again, the synergy between Hugo and his wheel, the perfect music and amazing technique in his discipline granted him a Bronze Medal, an honor is such festival.


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