Catwall acrobats as jailbirds
  • sablon
  • December 14, 2013

The Catwall Jailbirds are taking over Kirrwiller!

Now in Kirrwiller for the Xmas season, The Catwall Acrobats are performing in The Royal Palace’s Christmas Show as jail birds. Watch them take on Santa, the good witch, and her dancing helpers.

Come to fing out how the mean witch orders them to steal presents, scare and challenge the helpers with overwhelming acrobatic battles. How do they manage to join forces and be placed onto Santa’s good list?? You will have to come to Royal Palace to find out! Joshua, Kayla, Nathan, Jean-Denis and Thomas are waiting for you there!

See Royal-Palace’s website for more details:

The Catwall acrobats is managed and a trademark of CircusConcepts / Hugo Noel.


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