• sablon
  • December 4, 2013

The Catwall Acrobats soon to start at the Dresdener Weinachtzirkus

For all of our german fans, you will this winter be able to see The Catwall Acrobats, performing the transparent wall 360 degrees act in the Xmas circus of Dresden, in front of the famous opera house.

Starting December 18th, do not miss this show for the whole family with many international acts, and of course, our internationally acclaimed trampoline wall act. This show will run until January 5th 2014.

Thank you to Manuel Bélair, Francis Caron, Pauline Baud, Dave Locke, Samuel Aylestock and Christopher Purdy who will entertain the Dresdener crowd with the highest trampoline wall skills!

For showtimes, see: http://www.busch-roland.de/

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