• Hugo Noel
  • November 22, 2012

Shows / Long Term



Trampwall and Russian Swing, Rebel by Cirque du Soleil, Andorra

Trampwall , Zirk Circus tour, Australia


Traumfrabrik tour, Germany

The Great Moscow Circus, Singapore

Diva – Cirque du Soleil, Andorra

Flic Flac – Kessel – Trampwall, Germany

Flic Flac -Monstertramp,  Bielefeld, Germany


Traumfrabrik tour – Monstertramp, Germany

Sila Symphone Cruise Ship, Finland

10th International Circus Festival of Albacete, Spain

Reflekt – Expo Kazakhstan, Cirque Du Soleil, Astana, Kazakhstan

Circus Roncalli – Circus meets Classic, Germany


-Monte Carlo 40th International Festival, Monte Carlo

-3rd China International Circus Festival, China

-Calgary Stampede Grandstand Show, Calgary, Canada

-Sirkus Finlandia, tour of Finland, Finland

-CE Works, Shopping center, Oisha , Kiushu,  Japan

-The 14th International Festival of Voiron France

-The Great Moscow Circus tour, South Africa

-GYMOTION tour, Germany

-Cirque du Soleil – Special Event, Antalya, Turkey


-RAI Xmas Circus, RAI, Amsterdam, Netherlands

-Scalada, Storia, Cirque du Soleil, Andorra

-Circo Jumbo, Tour of Peru, Chile and Columbia

-Grande Fete de Noel, Douai, Valenciennes , France

-Fantomania, LED Costumes, Venetian Hotel, Macau

-Get Your Act Together, Danielle Lloyd, TV Show, London, England

-Salto Natale 2015, Rolf and Gregory Knie, Zurich, Switzerland

-Feurwerk der turnkust,  Tour of Germany

-Allavita, Cirque Du Soleil, Milan, 6 months, Italy



-Rio Carnival, Vila Isabel, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

-Royal Palace, 11 month, Kirrwiller, France

-Urbanatix 2014, Bochum, Germany

-C2, Amsterdam, Copenhague, Milano, Zurich

-Circus Krone, Neuss, Germany

-Grand Feux Lotto Quebec, Canada

-Budapest State Circus, Budapest¯5 months, Hungary

-Buskerfest, Toronto, Canada

-Pompiers, Laval, Canada


-CE Works, Shopping center, Oisha , Kiushu,  Japan

-TV Palladium, London, England

-Traumfabrik., Tour of Bavaria, Germany

-Weltweinachtzirkus, Stuttgart, Germany



-Monte Carlo Circus Festival, Monte Carlo, Monaco

-Tihany Spectacular, 1 year, Tour of Brazil

-Christmas Festival, Aachen, Germany

-BASF Ludwigshafen, Germany

-Beat the Best

-Busker Festival, Toronto, Canada

-Circus Conelli, Switzerland

-Weinachzirkus, Dresden, Germany

-OVAG Variété, Bad Nauheim, Germany

-Bogner, Munich Germany

– A Muse, 7 fingers, Mexico City and Monterray, Mexico

-Skoda, Shangai

-Wintergarten Variété, Berlin , 4 months, , Germany



– Flic Flac, Festival des Artisten, Germany

– Neujarsvariete 2012, Bad Nauheim, Germany
-3rd Programm, Circus Krone, Munich, Germany

-Urbanatix, Bochum, Germany

-Opera, Dresden, Germany


-Salto Natale, Rolf Knie, Zurich, 2010-2011
– 25 Years, Feurwerk der Turnkust 2012, Touring Germany
– Body Talk, Firewerk der Turnkust 2010, Touring Germany
– JUMP, Roncalli’s Apollo Variete, Dusseldorf, Germany
– Farbellafe, Wintergarten Variete, Berlin, Germany
– Anthonis Remos, Greece
-“Ludger’s Welt”, GOP Variete, Germany


-“Ludger’s Welt, GOP Variete, Germany, 2009
-“Wessel & Weiss” -replacement, GOP Variete, Germany, 2008-2009

-“Éclyps” , Cité de l’énergie, Shawinigan / Korean plank, powertrack, Roue Cyr, Catwall trampoline, Stiltswalking and others, 2008
-Kebec Pierre de Mémoire, Productions Richard Aubé, 2006-2007

-Danse Theather Huurjaruut, Winter show ” SNOW ” , 2005-2006

-Cirque du Soleil, “LOVE” with the Beatles Music, Las Vegas, 2005-2006

-Starlight, “Crazy Street”, Switzerland. , 2005


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