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  • January 21, 2014

Hugo Noel’s Roue Cyr Act and The Catwall Acrobats’ Teeterboard Act in Bad Nauheim

Why Bad Nauheim?

No one knows, but in this small city of central germany, located near Frankfurt, happens every year the Neujahrs-Varieté, a hugue show with some of the best acts in this world.

Presented by OVAG, a service company of the region, this show, featuring 18 acts from over 40 artists coming from 13 different countries is a must see.

In the first part of the show you can see Hugo Noel’s Roue Cyr Act, followed shortly after by our Teeterboard act, high up in the air.

The Catwall troupe here, with Hugo Noel, Charles Thibault, Pauline Bonnani, Charles Bussière and Francis Caron, will impress you with their high jumps and goofy candor.

You can see the program of the whole show here:


Come to see us! Shows everyday from Jan 8th to Jan 26th in Bad Nauheim, then shows the 28 and 29th in Wartenberg.


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