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  • November 23, 2013

Circus Conelli’s Première on Monday the 25th of November, with Hugo Noel’s Roue Cyr Act

This 2h30 minutes show, featuring the gracious Conelli Dancers, everpresent and always as funny Gaston and Roli, the world famous Aleksander Koblikov, handstand artist Pavel Stankevych, comic David Kaplan from the USA, the Sheikang Acrobatic troupe from China, Jean Lemoine’s silent movie’s humor, the beautifull duo Grigov and Duo Paradise, the magic of Roy Gartner and James and the incredible finale of the Kovgar troupe, performing incredible teeterboard stunts in this tiny space.

Also in the show, Pino Gasparini entertains the crown with beautifull melodies, accompanied by Nate Jacob’s gospel and Jeremy Gasser at the Guitar. Alex’s Big Band give the rythm in symphony with the artists and singers of the show.

Hugo Noel presents the first act of the show with his Roue Cyr act, performing very close to the public in the small 9m ring of the circus.

Since November 22nd, you can now see the latest Chrismas show from Circus Conelli in Zurich, presented by the Gasser Family( Roby, Cindy and Jeremy).

On November 25th will be the Premiere Night, which will officially start the Xmas season show for 2013.

You can see here the dates of the shows:

Come to see this magical show in the cozy ambiance of this circus in central zurich!

Show plays from Nov 22nd 2013 to January 2nd 2014, almost everyday at 2pm and 7pm( see official schedule )


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