• Kayla Gray
  • November 27, 2016

Catwall Acrobats touring with GYMMOTION

The Catwall Acrobats begin their tour with GYMMOTION in Germany.  If you are in the area, come to see us perform our 5 artist 360 transparent Trampwall Act with Hugo Noel, Manuel Belair, Cody Russell, Oli Lemeuix, and the beautiful Frédérique Hamel.

The Schedule;

November 25th – Trier

November 26th – Saarbrücken

November 27th – Koblenz

November 28th – Aachen

November 29th – Bensheiem

November 30th – Tuttlingen

December 2nd – Dessau

December 3rd – Chemnitz

December 1st – Pforzheim

For more information about this tour visit www.gymmotion.org




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