• Hugo Noel
  • December 30, 2015

Catwall Acrobats 360 Degrees – Transparent WallCatwall Acrobats 360 Degrés – Mur transparent


Everyone dreamed one day to walk on walls. Well that what we do in this act, performing neck-breaking acrobatics while running on a vertical wall, powered by two trampolines at it’s bottom. To make it even harder, we do it sincroniously on both sides of a narrow wall, with openings in it to cross over from one side to the other, creating a real ‘human juggling’. Our team is the cream of the crop, the best there is in this discipline. Some tried to copy it, but no one can achieve such incredible feats like the unique Catwall Acrobats! Featured on many international TV shows, this troupe from Canada was presented in over 8 countries in only 2 years. Packed with years of trampoline training, experience as Cirque du Soleil artists, we are now presenting our unique creation to amaze the whole family, small and big.

Important Feats:

Played in over 12 countries since 2009

Best artists in this discipline over the world.

Broadcasted over 6 times in different TV shows around the world already.

Presented on the Ellen DeGeneres show, most watched talk-show in the USA at the moment

Presented in Germany to over 7 million viewers, twice.

Presented in Switzerland on Benissimo, the most watched TV show in Switzerland.

Toured Germany in 2010 and 2012 with the most succesfull act of the tour, TSF’s Firewerk der Turnkust, which is the biggest acrobatic touring show in europe .

Gold Medal and Prize of the Jury in the International Circus Festival of Grenoble, France

Presented this year at the Monte-Carlo Circus Festival, the most prestigious festival over the world.


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