• Kayla Gray
  • February 13, 2016

40th International Circus Festival of Monte Carlo

“The troupe” The Catwall Acrobats “, led by Hugo Noel had the honour of being elected the 40th Circus Festival of Monte Carlo, which this year was a jubilee edition.  There were no prizes awarded, it was a epic spectacle with the big winners over the past 40 years.
The troop, Hugo Noel, Joshua Vinette, Kayla Gray, Jean-Denis Roy, Manuel Bélair and Cédrik Pinault presented their renowned Trampoline Wall number which had won 4 awards at the 37th edition of this festival.
This year was an exceptional year the largest numbers of circus over recent decades.
We will keep you posted so you do not miss when broadcasting has TV5 later this year!


Catwall Acrobats in Monte Carlo

For a preview of our act at the Golden show, take a look at the link below;
[youtube id=”Te5BbrXpA0o”]


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